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Calling All Snorkeling Virgins: How To Make Your First Time The Best!

by Adriana Afonso January 31, 2017

Calling All Snorkeling Virgins: How To Make Your First Time The Best!

Respect Marine Life

Give marine life space and don’t approach too closely. Even if an animal approaches you—maintain a safe distance, and do not touch them.

This especially applies to corals. Some are toxic and can cause nasty cuts or even massive infections—not to mention that even an unintended kick to a coral head can damage decades’ worth of growth. During some of our snorkeling outings, the water over reefs is so shallow that you cannot even wear fins—follow your guide’s instructions when visiting these spots.

Further Reduce Fogging 

Like the inside of a car during a winter day, a snorkeling masks fogs up because you are generating heat. Prior to hopping in the water, wet the inside of your mask and dump out the water. Then spit into the mask and rub the saliva around before washing it out. This will prevent some degree of fogginess.

Special anti-fog gels are available on the market that work rather well; be sure to choose one that’s non-toxic, biodegradable and alcohol free, for your protection and for the safety of the reefs and their inhabitants.

Stay Hydrated: Dehydration Can Happen

The sun is strong and dehydration is common. Even if you’re immersed in water, its salt content will sap your skin of moisture. Make sure to hydrate with water, juice or other non-alcoholic beverages.

Consider Using A Float

If you don’t have the stamina to stay in the water for a long time  consider using a float vest (either one that goes around your waist or one that straps across your shoulders). They’re also very helpful in snorkeling spots where currents can be swift. These are also great if you plan to take your young children out for their first snorkeling adventure!

Get Fins That Fit

Rent fins that are neither too tight, nor too loose, and that don't hurt. Having a fin fall off when you most need it, is potentially very bad. And getting sores on your feet from fins that have hard spots or are too tight will ruin your time. Keep in mind that your feet will be wet, and will often shrink a little in the cooler water, and so a snug fit is important. Don't even think about not having fins. They are essential for safety. They give you a tremendous amount of swimming force and will save you a ton of energy.


Stay Relaxed & Reduce Effort

Swim Slowly! Exhaustion is a common problem for first time snorkelers. Swimming takes a good bit of energy. The trick with snorkeling is to stay relaxed and calm. You can wipe yourself out quickly if you are not careful. Only swim at a speed that allows you to breathe slowly and easily through your snorkel. Your snorkel does limit your breath, so keep your activity level at a pace that does not demand heavy breathing. Your fins will make it much easier. Learn to just float without effort. Only swim rapidly if necessary for safety.

Don't Go Cheap On Equipment: Use A Snorkl

Ever heard the saying "less is more"? That doesn't apply to snorkeling gear. There's so many imitations of quality gear out there but while they may look similar, the one thing they will never get right is the quality along with matching our  amazing customer care.

Here at The Snorkl, we are a 3 person family business that prides ourselves with our values of enjoying time with family, producing a quality product and providing the best customer service in the world. Now have you heard the saying "you get what you pay for"? That one is true. With us you are not purchasing just any piece of equipment, you are getting a mask constructed of the highest quality polycarbonate plastic and silicone lining along with world class customer care.

Unlike other companies, we believe you should be able to test our product before deciding if it's for you or not. This is why we actually encourage our customers to go ahead an open up the package and test it in REAL conditions like the pool or ocean before deciding if it fits for them!

We have had people who have been terrified of snorkeling feel totally at ease using our mask thanks to the ease of use, anti-fogging, and of course our dry-top tech that blocks water from entering so you stay dry and comfy inside the mask. 

Get yours here today!

Adriana Afonso
Adriana Afonso

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