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Top 25 Best Island Beaches for Swimming and Snorkeling (#20 to #16)

by Adriana Afonso May 03, 2017

Top 25 Best Island Beaches for Swimming and Snorkeling (#20 to #16)

Take a Snorkl and fins and slip into the waters of these amazing island beaches, voted by Condé Nast Traveler readers as the best in the world for snorkeling and swimming.

# 20. Bermuda

By far the most interesting snorkeling in Bermuda can be found off its western beaches. Arrange a tour to visit the remarkable Western Blue Cut, which contains three shipwrecks—the Constellation, Montana, and Lartington—all within easy swimming distances of each other and all lying in less than 20 feet of fabulously clear water often visited by giant grouper. Note: Wet suits are a must in wintertime.

Snorkeling in Bermuda with a Snorkl


#19. Cayman Islands

One of the more unusual highlights of a trip to Grand Cayman Island is the chance to snorkel at Stingray City, surrounded by a virtual fleet of 50 of one of the ocean's most fascinating and friendly creatures. The water is shallow (less than five feet deep) and crystal clear, making it great for beginners. Visitors are given ray-appropriate treats, and snorkel gear is included in the price of admission.

snorkeling in grand-cayman with a SNorkl


# 18. St. John, US Virgin Islands

Snorkeling between Salomon Bay beach and Honeymoon Beach has long been a favorite because of the abundance of octopus and psychedelic parrot fish you'll encounter. Although just north of busy Cruz Bay, you'll need to hike a mile-long trail beginning at the National Park Visitor's Center (water sports gear is available to rent at a small shack-cum-bar).

Get a Snorkl  and go snorkeling in st-john-trunk-bay


#17. Anguilla

With water visibility of up to 100 feet, Anguilla is a paradise for snorkelers. There are so many spots to chose from for a dip, but we're partial to exploring the monumental coral gardens (some more than eight feet tall) off Great Dog Island, which is inhabited only by feral goats. Here, you'll find puffer fish aplenty and even a school or two of squid.

get a Snorkl and go snorkeling in anguilla-beach


#16. Turks & Caicos

Directly off Grace Bay Beach, and protected by Bight Reef a mile offshore, the White House Reef Snorkel Trail (restored recently by volunteers and the Turks and Caicos Reef Fund) is well marked and a delight for anyone on the look out for barracuda, spiny lobster, or harmless nurse shark or two.

Snorkeling in grand-turk-island-with your snorkl


#15 to #10 coming next week.

Don't forget to get you Snorkl to enjoy all these amazing places



Adriana Afonso
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