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About Us

How did snorkl begin?

Being raised with a father in the Navy, I grew up in harbor cities with basically a mask on my head and a snorkel tube in my mouth. As a child, I felt like I was drowning from wearing snorkels that were difficult to wear and constantly steaming up. I wasn’t able to snorkel for very long and on the weekend I was left behind on the shore watching the rest of the family exploring the coral reef in Hawaii, or the shipwrecks in Guam. I am now a father of three awesome children and living in Florida. I wanted the whole family to enjoy a perfect day at the beach all together. With that goal in mind I have developed the Snorkl to help everyone discover the wonders of the ocean in the best conditions ever.

Why have you created the Snorkl?

“ -Isabel and David were finally brave enough to try snorkeling in the ocean with me.” Thank you Ann! This is our idea behind creating the Snorkl. Because when you are on holidays in a paradisiac island and you need to spend half of the week teaching your children how to snorkel, it is very frustrating both for you and for them. So it is all about sharing quality times and making everlasting memories snorkeling the whole family together. With the Snorkl on you can even talk with your children while discovering the beauty of the ocean.

What is our goal?

We want to disrupt the snorkeling industry by redefining snorkeling as you know it. No more saltwater going inside your mouth when you go under or your trip being cut short due to uncomfortable traditional gear. We want you to be as comfortable as possible so that you are happy and have the most amazing snorkeling adventure with your friends and family.

Why are we so awesome?

Because we really care about you! We are a super small 3 persons family business and we believe in providing a truly one-of-a-kind experience for everyone from our employees to our customers. We will not ignore you once you make a purchase, we will work to help you at every step of the way. Our amazing customer service plus our very cool and exclusive patent Snorkl product makes us stand out in every aspect from competitors.

Who are we (again)?

We are a local and family business of 3 people only: two (twins) brothers and 1 sister ! Thomas the searcher/engineer is developing the product by designing new features, Diana is in charge of providing the most UNREAL after-sales service, + marketing in their spare time, and finally John is in charge of Quality, Production and Logistic… Believe us, you keep us busy and sharing your snorkeling experiences is our most priceless reward.

How we did it?

After a few Kickstarter attempts, dozens of 3D sketches, thousands of drawings, and hundreds of hours testing the mask in real conditions in the water, we finally came with the right product, the Snorkl: the ultimate snorkeling gear, with both design and utility pending patents .Now thanks to your feedbacks and sharing experiences we have launched our newly exclusive patented model with the Snorkl 3.0 with always the same goal in mind: to help you enjoy the wonders of the ocean, in the best possible conditions, ever.

Why the turtle logo?

We are a Floridian company located in Delray Beach. Being here in Florida allows us to try the Snorkl everyday in the pool or on the beach. We are also located very close to Gumbo Limbo, a non profit association in charge of protecting endangered species such as the Green Sea Turtle. Hence our little Turtle logo. Gumbo Limbo is an awesome place to visit where you can see the staff at work: Monitoring more than 600 nests a year within a five mile span of beaches, rescuing injured turtles and releasing more than 6000 stranded hatchlings each nesting season Snorkel Responsibly: Our best reward is to help you discover the wonders of the ocean. We are giving 10% of our profit to endangered species associations. For instance, we are giving 1 USD out of each snorkl sold to the Gumbo Limbo association. Hey ! you can even adopt a turtle there so if you come nearby please pay them a visit.ent Snorkl product makes us stand out in every aspect from competitors.

About The Snorkl


Which Model Can I Choose?

For quality issues and to stand out from the competition, we have decided to sell only our exclusive and patented Snorkl 2.0 and 3.0 for adults and kids. Thats four different colors and 3 different sizes from kids, S/M & L/XL. We have at heart to help the whole family discover the wonders of the ocean all together. 
Since you guys ask for it we have reedited the first version fir a limited time only.

Which size should i get?

For adults: If the distance from nose bridge to bottom of the chin is less than 12 cms or 4.7 inches, choose Small/Medium if it is above 4.7 inches go for Large/Extra Large. For Kids we have developed an Xtra small size. If they are between 4-12 years old they can use the Snorkl Kids Mask To make it even more simple, if you are below 5.7 feet you would opt for the S/ M size. If you are above 5.7 feet go For L/XL. The interior design is entirely made of silicone and adapts to most face shapes. 
Click the image above or click hereto view our sizing chart

Is the snorkl design for kids?

Oh yes! We had our kids in mind when we designed the Snorkl and since children enjoy it so much we are happy to announce to you that we now have an exclusive “Kids version” (extra small size) designed for children from 4 to 12 years old. As always we have tested it and improved it with the youngest members of our family first and they just loooved it so much ! it is super child friendly and from 4 years old and up the XS size is perfect. we are also providing with each Kid snorkl a super activity book to raise your kid awareness about the beauty of Marine life. VERY IMPORTANT: A FEW STEPS HAVE TO BE RESPECTED TO ENSURE MAXIMUM ENJOYMENT FROM YOUR CHILDREN: Children must be confident swimmers when using our product Supervise your children at all times to prevent the risk of drowning. Always assist your kids in wearing the XS Snorkl to be sure it is tight enough so they remain dry inside. Last but not least, and as you know, we are a family run company and we have families at heart, so we are also launching a Family Pack with a hefty 22% discount ! (For USD $500 you will get 2 adults mask and 2 children masks) thats a $640 value ! So No excuse ! Time has come to spend awesome snorkeling moments together !

What are the difference between Snorkl 3.0 and Snorkl 2.0?

The Snorkl 3.0 comes in 2 exclusive new colors you won't see anywhere else in the world, a new user manual (Snorkl Kids), a super original protective carrying box (Snorkl Kids), and with the latest technology. So that means an improved top notch valve system to further reduce and eliminate fogging.
Click here to visit our tutorials & info page to view a detailed description

What are the differences between a classic snorkeling gear and the Snorkl?

Everything is fun in Snorkeling EXCEPT the Snorkel itself: it pulls your hair, make you choke on water, falls out of place, fogs constantly and after 10 minutes you are just “done”. TRADITIONAL MASK Two Pieces Extremely uncomfortable/ Reduced exploration time underwater Requires a mouthpiece for breathing which is uncomfortable. Excessive Fogging Fills with water when you completely submerge making you swallow saltwater Lining around the mask does not fully keep water out Hard to carry around Field of vision is limited With an exclusive and patented design, our Snorkl 2.0 and 3.0 are the simple answer to breathing underwater as easily as if you were on land plus without the hassle of traditional snorkeling gear. SNORKL One Piece Super friendly user. Ideal for kids and the whole family. Increased use and comfort allows you to remain indefinitely under water Our users have reported spending 3X more snorkeling than with traditional gear. Your mouth is free with no mouth piece so you may talk plus breathe naturally Reduced fogging, no fogging at all in ideal conditions Can go underwater completely with no water coming inside keeping you totally dry Silicone lining contours to your face plus textile straps help provide a more secure fit Can be broken down and placed in mesh bag for easy travel Increased 180 degree field of vision Security: Snorkl tube can be seen from 4 times further away than a traditional Snorkel GO PRO mount set to record your SNORKLing adventures
Click here to visit our tutorials & info page to view a detailed description

Difference between Snorkl and Amazon products?

Our model is patented and exclusively sold on but since we launched our first patented Snorkl back in 2010, plenty of copycats and mock-ups have appeared on the internet. (Welcome to globalisation!). This is why we have decided not to sell on Amazon nor Ebay in order to stand out from the jungle of fake and cheap copies. Don’t trust any their pictures nor their after-sales service (if any). We are the real deal and our products are copyright, patented and guaranteed. When you go snorkeling with your kids you want the safest products, and this is really important when you try such an innovative product, right?  We have bet on innovation and services to ensure you the perfect day snorkeling. We keep on innovating to differentiate ourselves, hence our newly exclusive patented model the Snorkl 3.0 and 3.0 with some key features compared to the competition Longer snorkl tube : you breathe longer under water + Increased Visibility = better Security Improved mounting Ring: the tube never goes off Go Pro Mounting set Improved round radius field of vision Improved Protective drain valve Improved Anti fogging system Improved mesh bag
Click here to visit our tutorials & info page to view a detailed description

What is the anti-fogging system?

This is the same principle as the ventilation of your car windshield. The moisture laden air that you breathe out takes a different route:when you breathe out, the air is expelled through the silicone connections at the side that drive the air into the white mask surrounding it, which then dispels the air into the snorkel tube.It doesn’t eliminate entirely the fog but drastically reduces fogging (compared to a normal snorkeling mask) For some reasons we still need to determine, in certain conditions (weather, water temperature, stressed breathing) 5% of our users still encountered fog in their mask. One of our users, Marc, came with a hacking solution : to preserve visibility, get gel toothpaste. Smear a thin layer of toothpaste on the inside of the lens then rinse it out. Enjoy! and thank you Marc ! It works best in waters over 18°C (64° Fahrenheit) and it is based on the fact that the fresh air breathed in is projected onto the front window before reaching the nose or mouth.
Click here to visit our tutorials & info page to view a detailed video at the top animating how the system works.

How does the dry top system work?

It is a Ball/ weight floating device insert in the snorkl tube. It was developed to stop water from getting into the snorkel when there is choppy water, small waves on the surface or when the user leans their head too far forward to observe the seabed. Under the same conditions with a traditional snorkel, the user could swallow the water that gets into the snorkel; this is what we wanted to avoid.

Can I breathe underwater?

If the top of your tube is exposed you may breathe naturally in the nose and out the mouth since there is no mouthpiece, and you can remain indefinitely like this. Since we launched our first Snorkl, 6 years ago, the Snorkl community has reported spending 3X more time snorkeling than with a classic mask and snorkel tube Once you are totally underwater, the dry-top system activates, blocking out the water from entering your mask. You may stay under for as long as you can hold your breath.

Can I free dive with it?

The Snorkl is an innovative idea for people who want to snorkel for fun! It is rather for shallow waters as it is very comfortable to use at the surface when you can breathe indefinitely as the snorkel’s tube is above the water.Since there is no built-in mechanism to equalize pressure, we strongly recommend not going any deeper than 8-10 feet. Having said that, another of our beloved members of the Snorkl Community, Laura Berg, seems to have just found the hack to equalize in order to free dive.You need to lodge nose plugs and then you can equalize without any problem. Have a look at her video (the last part): Laura thinks you can go pretty far (as deep as with a regular mask) but I tried it first week end of April 2016 and I couldn’t go further than 20 feet because of the air volume. Since last June each Adult Snorkl is now fulfilled with a pair of ear plugs and a nose clip for free.

What is included with my purchase?

Snorkl 1.0 includes:
- Mask + Tube
Snorkl 2.0 includes:
- Mask + Tube
- User Manual
- Mesh Bag for easy travel
- Nose Clips (to alleviate pressure)
- Nut (to secure your GoPro Camera)
- Spare black rubber o-ring in case you lose the one on your mount that helps keep the tube on securely.
Snorkl 3.0 includes:
- Mask + Tube
- Exclusive plastic carrying case (Snorkl 3.0 Kids only)
- Bag for easy travel
- Redesigned & Improved User Manual (Snorkl 3.0 Kids only)
- Nut (to secure your GoPro Camera)

Can I wear glasses?

Yes you could provided that they fit but you would have to break off at the temples. So our suggestion is to get a cheap frame from Walmart and do that. You could also get contacts. You might also try a “pince nez glasses” that clips to the bridge of the nose but has no earpieces. LAST BUT NOT LEAST, one of our beloved customers seems to have found the perfect solution Have a look at this website and tell us what you think. If you can’t use contacts and need glasses then they are the perfect solution to seeing perfectly while snorkeling.

I have a beautiful beard, can I still use it?

It works fine with a beard, we have a video about beard issue,

Why is the snorkl only sold online?

We currently sell online only because our price to make a Snorkl is still too high to work for retail. 

Where is the snorkl manufactured?

Different parts of the Snorkl are made in different countries. We currently manufacture our parts in Italy, Germany and…China. All the rest from assembling to fulfillment, marketing and shipping is done locally, here in Florida.

Purchasing A Snorkl


How to buy?

Visit the Store page of our site Select the model (Adults or Kids) Pick which color and model you would like Select the appropriate size Add to Cart and fill in your info and you are all set!

Which cards do you accept?

We take Mastercard, Visa, Discover & Amex. You may also pay via PayPal!

Is my payment secure?

To ensure maximum safety of your payment we are going through the two safest payments e-platforms and as we speak we have not experienced a single fraud. Not only is your card information protected but also your order is also guaranteed. For more information about our forms of e-payment go to:



How long does shipping take??

USA  – 2 to 3 business days anywhere in USA We have also set up expedite delivery for last minute travelers and honeymooners ! Express – 2 business days by the end of the day (US$30) Important: If you are ordering on Friday after 5pm or on a weekend your order won’t be ship before Monday morning.
CANADA 3 to 5 business days (We have tried to minimize your costs but we still have to charge you a little to ensure the best shipping through FEDEX priority) . It is usually USD $10 per mask in most part of Canada (cost varies depending on the regions)
INTERNATIONAL 4 to 10 Business Days max (whether it is Australia, Brazil, or Dubaï) it will cost you the same US$50 anywhere in the world) As soon as your Snorkl is shipped you will be provided with a tracking number via email so you may follow your order

Where is my order?

We are working with a super reliable logistic automatic platform,here in Pompano, Florida. Usually it’s shipped the same day if ordered on a weekday and you will be provide with an Email giving you a tracking number with one of our carrier UPS or Fedex.
Click here to Track your order:

Customs & Import Fees

Although most of our shipments aren't subject to customs & import fees, we have no way of knowing when a package will be subject to these charges upon delivery. The customer assumes 100% responsibility for any customs & import fees.

Refusal To Pay Customs & Import Fees
If you choose to refuse the customs fee and the parcel is returned back to The Snorkl, a shipping & handling fee will be deducted from your refund.

I entered the wrong shipping address...

Once you place an order we cannot change the address as everything is processed with our warehouses immediately. Make sure you enter all the correct information so you may receive your mask.

Return & Exchange Policy

The Snorkl does not cover return expenses. The Snorkl only covers returns in the rare event that a defecting or wrong order is sent.

FINAL SALE items cannot be returned or exchanged unless the item arrived defective or the wrong item was sent.

Items must be returned within 30 days from the day you've received your order, transit times are not included within this time.  Items must not be used or show any signs of use. Upon inspection, we will provide you a full refund for the items ordered minus the cost of shipping, shipping costs are non-refundable.

Clothing must be unworn, unwashed and without any hair on it in order to receive a refund.

Missing Pieces
We are extremely meticulous with the pieces included. Please inspect the box to make sure any small pieces are not in there before contacting us. You must report missing pieces within the 30 days.

We do not carry replacement parts. If you lose/break something you may request a special high discount code to replace your mask at a very low price.

What If I Lose/Break Something?

If in the rare occasion your Snorkl arrives damaged or missing anything please refer to the return/exchanges in the FAQ for instructions for when and how to notify us.

If you lose/damage The Snorkl you may notify contact us at and we will give you our largest discount so you can replace the mask. We do not usually carry any replacement parts but you are free to ask in case we happen to have any. In the event a replacement part is available, we will send you a link via PayPal to complete the purchase

How To?


How to find your size?

          If you are under 5 foot 7 we recommend a size small/medium. If you are taller then use the large/xl. For kids 4+ to 12 years old the kids is perfect. If you happen to order the wrong size, no worries we are super friendly people that will work with you to make sure you get what you need

How to put it on?

Slide the mask on your head and simply tighten the straps to your liking. Super easy right!?

How to attach/detach the tube?

To attach just push it on to the mask. To detach, don’t be afraid to pull hard. You will not break the tube, it is made of extremely durable and resistant polycarbonate plastic. Once you detach, you can put all the parts in your mesh bag for easy travel and go to your next big adventure of the day!

How to attach a go-pro?

Take your gopro, or compatible camera, and place it inside the protective housing with the mount. Slide the camera to interlock with the Snorkl’s built-in mount on the top of the mask. Once it is in place, take the thumbscrew and the nut (the nut is included with your Snorkl) and tighten it. There you go, it is totally secure now! TEXT

How to expel water?

Sometimes our wonderful bearded snorklers experience some drops of water coming in through the gaps of the beard. If something like this happens, simply blow through your mouth and the water will come out through the front drain our your Snorkl!

How To Clean The Snorkl?

To clean The Snorkl you must use a soft eyeglass cloth in order to prevent damaging the lens. Once you have dried the excess droplets, store the mask in a dry dark place away from sunlight to prevent the colors from fading to to sunlight exposure.

How to complete an underwater spy mission with the snorkl?

Make sure that you have not disclosed your location to anyone, it is on a strict need to know basis. That’s rule number one of Spy School. Once you have arrived at your destination, put on your Snorkl and leave the bag in a secure location where intruders may not detect its presence. Make sure you make a dramatic entrance in the water with spy music playing in the background so even the dolphins know something big is about to happen. Once you are in the water, it is time to begin to locate the non-SNORKLers, they are usually easy to find as they are the ones who have the dorky looking masks and have water coming in their tube. Ha amateurs…once you locate the traditional SNORKLers, please bring them to the SIA (Snorkl Intelligence Agency) so they may be trained to become Snorkl spies too.

Totally Random


Can I use it on Pandora?

The exopack is a lightweight atmosphere filtration system developed from civilian rebreather technology that allows humans to survive on Pandora with a minimum amount of equipment. Pandora’s toxic atmosphere is unbreathable by humans due to the presence of high concentrations of carbon dioxide (>18%) and hydrogen sulfide (<1%). Pandora’s other main atmospheric constituents; nitrogen, oxygen, and xenon, are also present in Earth’s atmosphere. Fortunately, Pandora’s atmospheric oxygen content and its partial pressure (pO2) are suitable to support human life. So in order for a human to breathe it is only necessary to filter or “scrub” out the toxic components, which is the exopack’s purpose. Even though the Snorkl and the Exopack look very much alike, you can’t use the Snorkl in Pandora, and can’t use the Exopack under waters. International Corp LLC will no be held responsible if the Snorkl is used on any other planet than the Earth.

Do the snorks exist?

OF COURSE THEY EXIST ! The Snorks are a race of small, colorful beings that live happily in the undersea world of Snorkland. Our engineer took inspiration from their Snorkel to design our own Snorkl : they have snorkels on their heads, which are used to propel them swiftly through the water. When a Snork becomes excited their tube makes a “snork” sound. As always, very few humans believe in the existence of the Snorks.

Can I tattoo myself with the Snorkl logo?

Yes, we recommend a large back tattoo of our logo so you may be easily spotted in the water in case you are lost. All of our Snorkl employees have been tattooed with the Snorkl logo during their first week of training.
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Size chart

So you're wondering what size you might be? No worries, we got you ;)

Check out our sizing chart below.  


If you find yourself right on the fence between measurements then opt for the larger size. So for example if you are 5 feet 7 inches tall go for the L/XL mask. The main difference between sizes is the space allotted for the nose to chin area so the large the size the larger the space. 

IMPORTANT: The Snorkl for both adults and kids is meant to be utilized by strong and confident swimmers. Do not use the Snorkl if you or the person receiving it are not able to swim or just learning how.

Oh and we are SUPER friendly family oriented company so we know all about how hard it can be to get the right size for everyone. If you happen to pick out the wrong size or color just let us know at any time and our happiness manager will be glad to get that fixed for you.

You can contact her with any inquiries at